Supporting this total learning experience is a seasoned management team composed of our Owner, Director, and Education Consultant responsible for Administration, Services, and Curriculum. A staff of degreed teachers, co-teachers, enrichment teacher, teacher aides, and kitchen manager compliment our team by cooperatively working together for our common goal: the individual child!

What makes Planet Kids Academy the very best?

Our Awesome Staff!

Each staff member is chosen for their nurturing spirit, love and knowledge of children, early childhood education background, and their commitment to creating the highest quality programs for children. It’s true that you are only as good as your staff; therefore we go to great efforts to select teachers who have the highest of qualifications and contagious enthusiasm to embrace each daily journey with your child.

Every employee at Planet Kids, from Director to Kitchen Manageer, must complete a rigorous pre-employment screening process. This process includes a background check, education and experience verification, and several reference checks. Every staff member is required to have First Aid and CPR certification annually, and complete a minimum of twelve hours of continuing education in the field of early childhood education.

Mrs. Ashley St. Angelo, is the Academy Director having worked in Administration for the last two years. Prior to that promotion she was a tenured Lead Teacher on the teaching staff at the Academy, having taught many of the age groups within the programming of the Academy and has worked in Early Childhood Education for over 17 years. In addition, she participates in administrative development seminars and continued educational training in many specialized areas within Early Childhood Education on an annual basis and has completed her NAC (National Administrator Credential) course. Mrs. Ashley is a valued resource to her employees. She is married to husband, Rodney, and mother to daughter, Sarah who just recently graduated from Mandeville High School. Mrs. Ashley and her family live in Covington.

Darlene Pevoto, Administrative Consultant:  Ms. Darlene consults exclusively with Planet Kids Academy to provide continuing education to the Lead Teachers of the Academy. She provides guidance and recommendations on areas of concern for the teachers, Director, and Owner of the Academy. She is made available for consultation with Parents of the Academy at the request of the Director. Ms. Darlene retired in August, 2014 from her position as the Executive Director of Planet Kids Academy where she was employed for 18 years. Prior to moving to Mandeville in 1994 with her husband, Scott and daughter, Kristin she worked in the Elementary grades of the Fort Worth Texas Public School system. Ms Darlene has a BS degree in Speech, Language and Audiology Pathology from the University of Oklahoma and Masters work in the area of Elementary Education with specializations in reading and special education. She has continued study in the area of gifted education and early childhood. She remains completely devoted to the pursuit of excellence in Early Childhood Education and its offerings at Planet Kids Academy who has been a leader in the field for the last two decades, setting the standard here on the North Shore.

Mrs. Scarlett Hardy, has been promoted into Administration at the Academy and is enjoying her role as our front-desk Receptionist and Administrative Assistant to Mrs. Ashley.  She is a most valued and tenured employee having spent many years in the classroom at the Academy.  Mrs. Scarlett is married to Dan and is the mother of two adult daughters and twins.  Mrs. Scarlett and her family live in Mandeville.

Mrs. Judy Theriot, is the Kitchen Manager at Planet Kids Academy and has devoted her life to bringing love to others through her love of cooking!  She is a wife to husband, Terry, and mother to daughter Julie and son-in-law, Michael.   Judy also takes pride in being the loving grandmother of Gabriel and Timothy and adores showing their pictures!  Just ask her !!

Ms. Lydia Gagnard, a veteran early childhood educator, is our Enrichments Specialist, who introduces the children of the Academy to the areas of Art, Science and Pre-Reading (via – the Listening Lab).  Ms. Lydia works with the children in the Early Twos through Pre-K programs.  I will periodically put the focus on Ms. Lydia’s programs in my monthly newsletter as a means of providing her with the accolades that she deserves for the marvelous work she does with the children.  Much of this work will be on display throughout the school year on the bulletin boards in our central foyer.  Please stop and admire their creative, hard work during the school year.  In the afternoon’s between 4:00 and 4:45 each day – Ms. Lydia holds “Story-time” for the preschool children as a means of introducing them to the wonder of books and pre-reading.  During the Summer months – Ms. Lydia Hosts our “Summer Reading Program” for our young learners in cooperation with the St. Tammany Public Library.  Ms. Lydia is a very, valued member of our veteran Staff of teachers.

Mrs. Nancy Gremillion, is on contract with Planet Kids Academy to provide the children of our programs with an introduction to foreign language.  Our foreign language focus at the Academy is in the teaching of the Spanish language.  We are proud to offer our students their first exposure to this beautiful language.  Ms. Nancy has introduced foreign language acquisition to children throughout St. Tammany Parish for many, many years.  We are happy to have her expertise in this area.  Children in the Early Twos through Pre-K programs have the opportunity to learn a Spanish vocabulary throughout the academic school year.

Lead Teachers:
Many of Planet Kids Academy’s Lead Teachers have been here since its opening in 2004 – collectively they create one of the most stable, experienced and mature teaching teams on the Northshore.  Their focus in the classroom is to come to learn the individual strengths and weaknesses of the children they are working with to better understand how to create lesson plans that will collectively, meet these developmental needs with challenging yet, age-appropriate daily activities. A positive focus towards behavior helps to direct the management of the group to successful ends.  I LOVE my team of teachers here at the Academy and I know that you will, too!

Teacher Assistants:
Assistants are placed in class programs whose daily enrollment numbers warrant their assistance – often – this creates classroom ratios BELOW the state recommended minimums.  My belief is that assistance will be placed to ensure that classroom and individual goals are met for both the teacher and the student.  We are an education center and focus on the meeting of educational goals.

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Planet Kids has set the standard in early childhood education excellence since 1996. By establishing Planet Kids Academy we are able to take excellence one step further. The Academy is an enchanting facility, which reflects our incredible knowledge of children and their needs while offering the peace of mind that parents are seeking.

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