For all three of our children, Ryan now 8, Katy and Claire 5, Planet Kids Pre-School was a place of learning, a place to be nurtured, and a place to explore new ideas and concepts. When our children finished their schooling at Planet Kids, they had a true love of learning, which they will carry with them as they move on to elementary school and throughout life. Planet Kids provides the foundation of a lifetime and for that we are grateful.

Tommy and Jete Crosby, Parents

It’s important to me, as a single dad raising a young lady, that Mia is exposed to a learning institution such as PKA. I am very happy that PKA’s programs are designed to focus on both the educational and physical fitness aspects of a young child’s formative years. Mia’s improvements and advancements are noticeable and measurable. My daughter is beginning to blossom and it’s a joy to watch her embrace and employ the social skills she has obtained as a result of PKA teachings and programs. Mia is an only child, so the interaction she has with other PKA students is vital to her social development. Much credit must be given to the teachers and staff of PKA in helping elevate
my daughter’s academic, social and athletic abilities. I am of the opinion that her time at PKA will help place her on the road to personal success. I feel very fortunate to have an opportunity to enroll Mia at PKA – the Northshore’s premiere Pre-K school.

Leon J. Gex, Parent

When I first walked in to Planet Kids Academy in January, 2009, I knew it was the place for my son, Charlie. Ms. Brenda and Ms. Darlene were extremely helpful and answered all of my questions and concerns. We talked for hours. Charlie has been at PKA since June 1, 2009 and has already made incredible progress. He is truly excelling in all areas in his development. The teachers and staff at PKA are all wonderful at what they do and go to great lengths to encourage the children to do their best every day. I have also been very impressed with Ms. Sandy who makes sure to keep me updated on my son’s progress. She and Ms. Stacey are patient and thorough and they make sure to give that
“extra” love and attention this age group requires to help them blossom into happy, healthy, responsible and intelligent human beings. I am ecstatic with PKA, their staff and curriculum and feel very grateful that my son is able to have this experience. I’m looking forward to watching and experiencing the continued progress my son makes in the next few years at PKA. I only wish the school went to a higher grade level than Pre-K so we could stay longer.

Anne C. Bua, Parent