When searching for a preschool for my children, I definitely did my homework. We toured nearly every school in St. Tammany parish and the moment that we entered Planet Kids Academy we knew that we were home! We’ve been with Planet Kids Academy since August 2013 and we love it. The staff is great. The curriculum is amazing, and my children are well rounded and happy! From the moment you walk in the door you are greeted with the sound of a friendly voice (Ms. Scarlett) and then immediately smell the homemade biscuits being cooked by Ms. Juju and are then guided into morning classroom filled with: friends, songs, lots of routine and plenty of fun! Both of my children have thrived in this holistic enriching environment! At the end of the day, you can tell from their overall temperament & daily report that their day was lived to the fullest! One of my most memorable moments when I truly realized the value of Pka was while walking my 2.5 year old down the street. At the site of an American flag she instructed me to stop the stroller; she then proceeds to recite the pledge of allegiance in its entirety! This moment truly warmed my heart and brought tears to my eyes. I had never heard her recite the pledge and loved that her school taught her to value her country from such a young age. My children continue to blossom every day at planet kids and with every new year is an exciting new opportunity for growth and development.

Courtney and Ben Leblanc, Parents

Choosing a daycare/pre-school for our children to attend was a difficult decision for our family.  This decision was made easier once meeting the staff and touring the facility at Planet Kids Academy.   The curriculum has contributed to the substantial development in academics and social interaction in both of our children.  The staff is like family to all of us, and management is always available and open to all parental needs or concerns.  With our daughter graduating from PKA this year, it is undeniable that the academic and social foundation she has received has given her an advantage moving forward.

Ryan and Christian Goodlett, Parents

Planet Kids academy has truly been the most amazing experience for my child. Not only I as a mother, love Planet Kids as they have welcomed us so warmly into their family, but my 3 year old is exited to goto school every morning. The amount he has learned over the last year being there, is completely amazing. I’m constantly surprised & impressed when he comes home telling me all that he has learned. Everything from colors & facial features in Spanish, his numbers all the way to 30, the entire alphabet along with words that correlate, all days of the week, months of the year and even The Pledge of Allegiance! I can’t imagine feel more comfortable and confident anywhere else. I always know when I bring my boy to school in the mornings, he is in good happy hands & is growing & learning at a rate like he would no where else. Planet kids makes learning fun for Jake & really is a learning center like no other..”

Jenny Carr, Parent

PKA is an exceptional school that is truly dedicated to helping and nurturing your child. The staff and teachers there honestly cared about and loved my sons – I never got the feel that anyone saw the children as “a job.” My and my sons’ lives turned upside down while they were attending – my husband, their father, passed away and then we orchestrated a move to Wisconsin less than 5 months after his death (I was returning home to family support). This was a HUGE stressor and overwhelming for my sons – PKA was indispensable in helping my boys cope with the loss and transition. They not only supported my sons, but went out of their way to support ME as well. They scheduled meetings to offer me advice and assistance, tolerated and redirected the disruptive behaviors my frightened and sad 5 year old exhibited, lent age appropriate books about grieving and respected my spiritual beliefs. I cannot recommend this school highly enough!! Thank you PKA!!!!!


Stacy Fischer, Parent

Choosing Planet Kids Academy was one of the best decisions we ever made in the care and education of our children. We were part of the PKA family for three years. One of the things we loved most about PKA included the love and respect all children were given. We also appreciated the care and respect that parents were given as well. Our children’s educational experiences involved a wonderful collaboration among the teachers, the directors and the parents. We truly feel our children received the best early education experience possible. Not only did they learn the fundamentals of reading, writing, math, science, social studies, language and art, but they did

so in a fun and stimulating environment. During the summers they thoroughly enjoyed Splash Pad. In addition to the fun outdoor and indoor activities, we liked that PKA also had a wonderful educational curriculum during the summer session. As parents, it was very comforting to know that not only could a kid be a kid, but they could also learn so much while just having fun. Our children are in elementary school now. They have often said how much they miss their teachers at PKA and often request to stop by so they can give hugs and say “hi”. Thanks so much for all the years of care, love, concern and the foundation in education that you have given our children!

Karin and Richard Burvant

Karin and Richard Burvant, Parents

Matt has been attending Planet Kids Academy in Madisonville three days a week since he was two years old. We were very particular in choosing a facility as we wanted to ensure that he would be in a safe environment. Also given that we are older parents and he is the only child at home, we wanted him to spend time with other children, socialize, learn how to share, etc. We toured several different facilities in the area and spoke with many other parents to review various recommendations. One of the first things that struck us when we went into Planet Kids was how organized, friendly and professional the staff were even though we dropped bywithout an appointment. They were very clear to emphasize that they were a “structured learning environment” as opposed to just a “daycare”. After careful consideration we enrolled Matt and he’s now in his third year there.

We have been exceedingly pleased! First, the staff is outstanding. They are very qualified and the lead teachers all have degrees (many with advanced degrees) in education. Many of the teachers have been there for years which suggests to us that the staff is relatively happy and that the school is well managed. The Internet-based Web-Cam gave us a lot of security when Matt first started Planet Kids. His Grandmother still enjoys checking in on him by WebCam throughout the day to see how he is doing. The educational activities have included not only the basics like ABCs, drawing, etc. but also dance, music, beginner computer skills, French, Spanish, art, yoga, and much more. Nearly every day Matt comes home with various art and academic projects he’s done. The building is lovely – professionally architecturally-designed, light, airy, and well laid out.

The playground area in the back is covered with a soft surface which minimizes the risk of any fall-type injuries. Also there is a “Splash Pad” outside where water comes up through the ground. This way, during the summer the kids can enjoy playing in the water without the anxiety of having little ones near a pool. While all the above benefits of Planet Kids Academy are commendable, the most important attribute is the overwhelming warmth and affection the staff has for the children. Matt loves all of his past and present teachers. When he walks in everyone knows his name including Ms. Brenda the secretary, Ms. Judy who makes the lunches, Ms. Darlene the principle, all his past teachers, etc. They know his personality and give him lots of love, hugs, and affection while also providing the guidance and encouragement to learn the basics of sharing, respect, waiting your turn, etc. Anytime we have a question or concern, Matt’s teachers have spent as much time as necessary to discuss this with us.

The same is true for Ms. Darlene, the principle, whose dedication and enthusiasm for leading Planet Kids is evident in all she does. The tuition for Planet Kids is not insignificant. However we have always felt that the cost was more than justified given the outstanding, well-educated, low-turnover staff, the high quality of the educational and project materials, healthy hot lunches, and other benefits. We have been extremely pleased with the experience that Matt has had at Planet Kids and highly recommend it to other parents who are considering any type of education and care outside the home for their children.


Thanks for giving us the opportunity to share this with many others. We mean every word from the bottom of our hearts. While searching for a pre-school for our two boys, we heard many comments about the excellent educational program offered by Planet Kids Academy. After a tour of the facility, our decision was an easy one. We have not regretted that decision. In fact, it was the best decision we ever made for them and our family. As parents, it is a great comfort to know that

our children look forward to school for them and our family. As parents, it is a great comfort to know that our children look forward to school every single day. PKA helps instill a love of learning and provides a perfect setting for social skills to develop and blossom. PKA offers competent and caring teachers who give personal attention to the children; they appreciate and understand the varying personalities of each child and work diligently to foster their needs. The Director and staff are always open to suggestions and regularly ask for feedback to make the program even stronger. That rapport and open communication, in addition to detailed reports of daily activities and a webcam to “see” things first-hand are unique qualities we love about the program. It is no surprise to us now that PKA has been recognized as the Best Preschool on the Northshore for the last two years by Sophisticated Woman magazine.

Curt and Janelle Allen, Parents, Madisonville

As the parents of a recent PKA graduate, we feel fortunate to have found an ideal learning environment for our child on the Northshore. It represents the perfect blend of convenient and flexible hours for the working parent, as well as to provide a school-like atmosphere that is both challenging and nurturing. The friendly staff shows a genuine interest in encouraging the growth and development of each child. Our personal experience reflects Planet Kids’ continued commitment to providing a quality pre-school education. It is certain to be valued by generations to come.

Kristen Valliant, Parent